In a relationship with travel!

Hello everyone!

Wishing all you fellow travelers a Happy World Tourism Day!

So here’s our story: We are 2 girls who love to travel, Urmi from Jamshedpur and Mishky from Mumbai. We have 2 things in common: both married to Tamilians (from Chennai) and our love for travel and food! We started travelling with our folks during our younger days and right now along with our full time ventures, we are attempting to travel the world!

On realizing our common love for travel , we decided to start Globejamun, to share our passion with all of you. And yes, we have a little globe, who travels along with us.

While the Oxford dictionary defines travel in a certain way, we are very sure that every traveler has their own version. The word connotes so many different meanings.

Since today is all about tourism, we wanted to share what travel means to us!

For us it’s our life, our dream, one which gives us an instant kick! It’s a combination of a whole lot of things.
Travel to us is about,

It’s all about knowing and understanding what people in other countries do, their religion, their lifestyle, their belief, their food and everything that makes them who they are. The little insights into culture gives us a kick.One such instance, in Bhutan, they are not allowed to have a nightlife openly, so the new gen has decided to have discos underground.

We are absolute suckers of the sea, sun, sand and more so the tan. Most of the time, our travel is all about the beach. Urmi studied in the Philippines and Karishma in Los Angeles. Now doesn’t that speak for itself.

To some life is a mountain and to some a beach. We love both. That snow when it touches your palm is a magical feeling. The smell of Eucalyptus in the air gives us a happy high!

Colors of the sky:
We love to capture various colors in the sky. As children we learnt the sky is blue, but travelling taught us otherwise. Right from the green of the Northern lights, to the pink and purple in Hampi, orange and reds in Dubrovnik, we’ve seen it all.

Crazy experiences:
When we travel we need some kinda adrenaline rush. No travel is complete without it. Right from jumping from 18,000 feet to going 180 feet below sea level, we’ve done all of it. Next on our list is to bungee jump. Can’t wait for that!

Big cities:
Aah we love those big bad cities, the glitz, the glamour, the dizzle dazzle. Be it NYC, Mishky’s favorite, she has been there 6 times and can go there again or Sydney or Shanghai. Big cities, Big highs, fast pace. Oh we love them, and want to keep returning.

Food food food:
We just love food! Period. We love trying out the local cuisines. Thankfully we are non-vegetarians so we get a whole lot of options. And believe u me, we never eat Indian food, when visiting other countries. We consider that totally criminal. We love experimenting with local flavors.

Shop till you drop. That’s exactly what describes us. But it’s all about shopping what’s local to the land. And yes we shop for our little globe too. Our aim is to burn a little hole in the hubby’s pocket.

We love to do what the locals do. We live by #liveauthentic #belocal

So that’s our travel, our life , our dream.

Do leave us a line , on what travel and tourism means to you… and of course,

Happy Globetrotting!