About Us

About Us

Why Globe Jamun?

Well, have you heard of a Gulab Jamun? It’s that deep fried sweet dish soaked in sugar syrup, from India. That exactly describes us and what this blog represents. While we might have the sweetness of a gulab jamun, like it, We have survived the test of fire and one cannot take us lightly. We loooove travel and we cannot stress that enough. We can travel for fun, for an adventure or just to appreciate the beauty of nature. Now you mix this with a love for food. Trying and tasting cuisines from different cultures is a dream come true. Thus Globe Jamun was born.

About Us

I am Mishky. A mad, fiesty gal from Bombay. Basically I check everything on the list for being a travel hippie. A love for globe trotting, foodieholic, adventure junky and a free spirit (I love other kinds of free spirits as well . I am also an entrepreneur. I run a digital marketing agency in the heart of Chennai.

I am married to an even madder, (he must be if he is voluntarily married to me) typically Southie, Tamil boy called Navneet who is bugged that I see the flight attendant’s face more than his yet he can’t help but love me for my ‘oh so awesome’ personality . He is into sports management.

My love for travel dates back to childhood. My dad is a travel addict and called visiting Disney Land a teerth yatra(Holy Pilgrimage). It was my first holiday abroad. I obviously inherited those genes. This addiction for travel started with 2 trips per year and now everytime I touch base at home, I am dreaming of the next trip. It doesn’t help matters that Navneet pampers me with a luxury trip every birthday.

Seeing the Northern lights in Iceland has been my absolute favourite memory. What started out as typical, Indian holidays have now evolved into unchartered offbeat journeys.

My bucket list goals? – To visit 100 countries by the age of 40. I have completed 36 countries and have 64 more to finish in the next 8 yrs. Possibilities are endless! 

About Us

I am Urmi and travelling is my favouritest (yes I know this word doesn’t exist) thing in the whole world! I was bitten by the travel bug when I was little and have been travelling since. So my dad is a shippie and every single time he would leave home I would try and convince him to take me along on-board, but in vain. In order to compensate he would take us for two holidays every year without fail and that, was the start!

I am such a beach person and I could give anything to live on the beaches. While studying Manipal, I would save up and make at least 1 Goa trip every semester. I would dream of starting a shack on the beach after graduation (contrary to what other engineering graduates would have wished for!)

I chose Philippines to pursue my MBA (Philippines for MBA! Who does that!). Someone who knows me well wouldn’t find it tough to guess why! I made the best use of my stay in the Philippines and visited some gorgeous beaches. The different shades of blue does magic to your heart and soul.

So I have this trip planning diary where every month I make an itinerary hoping that I will make it to the destination one day and spend most of my time and energy thinking about how to make it happen! Yes, I am a little weird like that! And believe me or not, so far, I’ve made most of them happen! What helps is the fact that I am married to another travel addict :one of  the things Karishma and I have in common (apart from our lou for travel) is our lou for Tamil boys, so much so that we married one!

I am neither budget traveler nor the luxury 5-star types. I prefer staying in experiential yet affordable accommodations, try to look out for local experiences, eat local food, hang out with the locals and understand their culture and see life from their perspective.

I haven’t traveled solo yet and that’s one thing which tops my ‘to-do’ list – probably a solo backpacking trip to Europe. I cannot wait to go out there, see the world no matter how, when and with whom.

“I havn’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list” – Susan Sontag