Beautiful Budapest

Hello from Budapest.  I recently visited the charming European city of Budapest. That’s when I realised it’s all about food, fashion, old architecture, thermal baths, watering holes, multiple bridges, a gigantic parliament, and ofcourse Danube so blue.  This Hungarian capital, is simply charming, gorgeous and has an understated elegance. While Prague boasts about being the most popular tourist destination in Eastern Europe, the city of Budapest is way more exotic. The city is divided into Buda & Pest via the river Danube. I visited this charming city last year, and fell in love with it.

Pro tip: Most of the actions happens, in Pest, so I will suggest staying on that side. However the Hungarian Parliament which is a landmark building is also in Pest, so many tourists would like to stay in Buda, just to get great views of it.

The highlights of the city:

Danube Promenade: walking along either side of the river, you will see old stylish buildings and beautiful bridges.

Buda Castle & the finicular: Ride up the oldest funicular in the world, and don’t forget to watch the change of guards ceremony in the castle.


Fisherman’s Bastion & Matthias Church: get ready to be awed by all the white around you in buildings which are neo gothic style. Matthias church looks very unique as the white is embellished with orange, yellow, red and green mosaic.


The Hungarian Parliament: this is the most important building in the city.

Pro tip : if you want an insider tour, you need to carry along your passport.

Gerauld Cafe: think dessert, think chocolate, think Gerauld cafe. Dive into Indulgence!


Széchenyi Bath: Budapest is a city known for its thermal hot baths. If you really want to enjoy the experience , set aside 1 full day for this.


Bar Ruins: after the war many buildings which had been delapatated have been converted into watering holes.

I have written my entire story of Budapest in detail, in the National Herald.

you can read it here :