Kalaghoda Art Festival 2019 Mumbai

What’s hot and worth doing at the Kalaghoda fest?

This year marks the 20th year of India’s largest & most iconic art fair.  Over  the years the number of people has just been increasing.

Here is a quick guide on what to enjoy at the fair over weekend.

Art Installations : there are over 10 of them , but here are the unique ones.

1. Vespa power to earth

Mother Earth with its core elements of fire, wood, water, metal and air depicted through the scooters.


2. Warping Time




This wheel depicts, time since the festival was started. All the efforts that were put and over the years how more effort is being put. I totally love the colourpop.

3. Kalamandal


20 years of celebrating the festival. It’s very relevant  to what is happening. Artists gathering together, and putting in tons of effort. To showcase splendour to public, over the years.

Whilst, there are great installations to watch, there’s also art and literature people can create.

This beautiful lamp creation workshop, where the public, spend 90 minutes to design their own lamp. It should have some kinda special meaning for them.

Author a Book:


There are 90 different topical subjects, given as books. As an individual you could choose any number of subjects , that you want to leave your opinion on as many topics that you will like to. After few months, all 90 topics will be combined together to publish a book, which will have name of contributors.


Another really interesting thing to do at the fair is take a foot massage for 15 minutes, from a blind volunteer of the Victoria Memorial School for the Blind. It only costs 100 Rs and is a wonderful means of earning for the blind.


What to shop at Kalaghoda ?

The festival is known for unique decor, clothes, accessories. It is a great platform for budding entrepreneurs.

my favourite stalls


thenandnow: Fantastic decor and furniture hand painted in a series of colours by tribal artists. I am definitely going online and ordering some for my home.

Suchita: really awesome accessories.

Zubiya: very cool footwear. Check these out.


Shopping is subjective, so check it all out.

Food: No festival is complete without food. All restaurants in Kalaghoda area put up their stalls. Grab a grub at Chetna snacks, to get a flavour of Mumbai, and then for the sweet head over to Nutcracker to have their pancake or 7 layer cookie.



This Sunday, the singer Shaan is playing at Asiatic Steps !