Ramadan Mubarak: The Eid food trail.

It’s Friyay. Yippee the weekend is here! And if you are wondering what to eat, it’s your last chance to experience the delicious Ramadan delicacies.

I’m sure whichever city you are in there will be that one hot spot where you can go and have a feast. I am fortunate to be in Mumbai this weekend so I hopped over to Mohammed Ali road. Make sure you haven’t eaten lunch cos’ the spread is just outstanding. Even just tasting everything will totally fill you up. One of my friend’s @thetastingtummy (her name on Instagram) guided me through this walk and here are my recommendations:

    1. Shammi Kababs at Noor Mohammadi Hotel:

      These are made of chicken or mutton and are literally so soft that they melt in your mouth. And why not, they were invented by a chef in Lucknow for a toothless nawab. So you know what I mean. They are silky smooth and stuffed with finely chopped mint, onions and green chilli. They are priced at Rs.25/- per piece.

  • 2. Sheekh Kebabs at Hamza fast food:

    Made from chicken or beef meat these yummy spicy minced meat kebabs are cooked on skewers. These are little more chunky than Shammi kebabs and have a great flavour of aamchur (dry mango powder). Priced at Rs.110/- for a plate of 4. Here you can also try mouth watering chicken tikka, malai tikka and kasturi tikka kebabs. 

3. Baida roti and Kasturi mutton sandwich at Jilani Fast Food:

This is a favourite midnight snack of us Mumbaites. It is a shallow fried Indian snack coated with eggs and stuffed with mince chicken and flavourful spices. Another must try at Jilani is their mutton sandwich which is on the tangy spicy side and has a strong flavour of methi (fenugreek leaves). Both these items cost Rs.80/- each.

4. Malpuas and Kesar Phirni at Shabbir’s Tawakkal Sweets:

Sweet endings are always happy endings. Malpuas are a hot favourite as they come here only once a year. These are very soft and fluffy pancakes made with sugar syrup, flour, cardamom and eggs. Always ask for the double egg Malpua as it’s even more fluffy. You need to eat this with Rabri (a kind of sweet condensed milk), priced at Rs.140/-. Another favourite of mine is the Kesar phirni made with rice, milk and saffron, priced at Rs.100/- per portion.  Both these desserts are only available here during the holy month of Ramadan.

Some tips when your there:

    1. Don’t take a car, walk or go by taxi.
    2. Carry change.
    3. Wear your rain footwear and carry a windcheater (it pours often).
    4. Go on a empty stomach (there’s lots to eat).
  • Most of the great stuff is at Bohri Muhallah.

On that note, have a Happy and Blessed Eid.